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2015 Spring Catalog

In 2015 we are celebrating 200 years of Royal Doulton with a program of exhibitions and events featuring many different aspects of the company’s rich history. Check our website for details of upcoming shows in the USA and overseas. We are also marking the Bicentenary with our biggest ever Spring Sale of Royal Doulton figurines. Because we buy and sell so many figurines each year, we are able to offer the best prices in the market-place. You will find classic figurines from prices as low as $99 which represents savings of at least 50% of book. These incredible deals are only available for a very limited time and usually there is only one of each figurine in stock. Don’t delay in calling your Pascoe Sales Advisor now!
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Royal Doulton Highlights: Art Deco Figurines by Leslie Harradine

Art Deco Figurines By Leslie Harradine - Butterfly HN1456
Butterfly HN1456 

The Art Deco period from the 1920s to the 1930s was an exciting time in the world of ceramics. In the wake of the 1925 Paris Exhibition, the flowing forms of art nouveau gave way to colorful geometric designs. Art Deco sculptors portrayed scantily clad ladies in artful poses which inspired Royal Doulton artist, Leslie Harradine, to model a stylish collection of figurines.

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Royal Doulton Artist: Charles J. Noke

Royal Doulton Artist Charles Noke c1900

Charles Noke c. 1900

Charles Noke was born in Worcester in 1858, close to the famous china factory. His father was a connoisseur, collector and dealer in antiques with one of the largest collections of old china in the country. As a boy, young Charles was fascinated with porcelain figurines and in his school holidays roamed the Worcester studios watching the artists at work. With the encouragement of their most gifted modeler, James Hadley, he took home some clay and began modeling small elephants and a Jester figure, subjects that continued to inspire him throughout his career. At the age of 15, Noke started work as an apprentice modeler at the Worcester factory and also began studying at the local School of Design.

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Royal Doulton Artist: Leslie Harradine


Harradine studied at Camberwell School of Art in London under the sculptor Albert Toft, who modeled Charlie’s Aunt. He started his apprenticeship at the Lambeth Pottery in 1902 working under George Tinworth, Mark Marshall and John Broad. He loved Tinworth’s Merry Musicians and Broad’s Boer War soldier which inspired him to model his own series of salt-glazed stoneware soldiers. For the centenary of Dickens’ birth in 1912, he modeled a collection of popular characters from the novels which were slip-cast in white and brown stoneware. As well as figurines, he also modeled a portrait jug of Pecksniff which foreshadowed Noke’s character jug collection. Most of Harradine’s designs for the Lambeth pottery were allocated ‘H’ pattern numbers, which are incised on the base.

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Royal Doulton Carol Singers from an Edition of Three

Royal Doulton Carol Singers from an Edition of Three, Figurine, Tableau
Royal Doulton Carol Singers from an Edition of Three  

This rare Royal Doulton figure group of carol singers is number 2 of an edition of just 3 pieces introduced in 2004. The prototype was originally modeled by Alan Maslankowski and Robert Tabbenor in 1978 and didn’t go into production at that time. In 2004, before the closure of the Nile Street factory, Royal Doulton decided to share some of their artists’ creativity with more collectors and decided to cast three pieces from some of the early prototype molds in store. Just three pieces were taken from each prototype mold and the backstamp clearly indicates the number with the date of manufacture. To own one of just three pieces in an edition is very exciting for serious collectors.

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Lady Ermine by Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton Lady Ermine Figurine HN54 designed by Charles j. Noke in 1916
Lady Ermine HN54 by Charles J. Noke 1916 Height: 9 in.  

Lady Ermine HN54 was introduced to Royal Doulton’s HN collection in 1916 and the base is marked C.J. Noke Sc. This is an abbreviation from the Latin sculpsit meaning he sculpted the piece. Records in the Royal Doulton archives indicate that only six Lady Ermine figurines had been made by 1917 which makes this figurine extremely rare. In the first few years of the HN collection, there were only three artists in the figure painting department and on average they painted just three figures each a week so production was very limited.

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Good King Wenceslas by Royal Doulton

Good King Wenceslas Color Variation 1952 Height: 8.75 inches
Good King Wenceslas Color Variation 1952 Height: 8.75 inches

This color variation of Good King Wenceslas dates from 1952 and differs from the regular figure in several respects. It is beautifully painted in shades of bright yellow and purple and it is clearly one of the first pieces to be taken from the mold with very crisp detailing. Good King Wenceslas HN2118 was modeled by Peggy Davies and proved to be a very popular Christmas figure, remaining in production for 23 years. It was produced briefly in a miniature size as HN3262 between 1989 and 1992.

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Royal Doulton Baron de Beef Mustard Pot

Royal Doulton Baron de Beef Mustard Pot
This very rare Baron de Beef mustard pot was made at Royal Doulton’s Lambeth Pottery for Colman’s of Norwich. The Baron de Beef was one of the chief officers of the Mustard Club, an advertising campaign created for Colman’s by Benson’s advertising agency of London. The enormously successful campaign ran from 1926 to 1933 and really caught the public’s imagination. Colman’s was one of the first brands to create an integrated advertising campaign using teaser ‘guerrilla marketing’ techniques. At first posters appeared on London buses with mysterious messages asking “Has father joined the Mustard Club?” On October 29th, 1926, the Daily Mail newspaper published full details of membership, rules and officers of the Mustard Club. Continue reading Royal Doulton Baron de Beef Mustard Pot

Flora’s Feast by Charles Noke

Doulton Wild Rose Centre-piece Length: 12 in. Height: 10.5 in.
This stunning Wild Rose table centrepiece was modeled by Charles Noke at Doulton’s Burslem studio. It was one of a group of table ornaments designed for the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The inspiration was Flora’s Feast ‘A Masque of Flowers’ by Walter Crane, a very influential book which was first published in 1889. Forty full-page illustrations feature flowers personified and incorporate Crane’s verse, which follows the floral figures in a festive parade through the seasons, from the first snowdrops of spring to summer sunflowers and the Christmas rose. Charles Noke fashioned Walter Crane’s wild rose designs into a collection of figurative table centres, which were decorated individually by artists in Robert Allen’s prestige studio. The ivory bone china body is decorated with raised white enamel motifs like tiny seed pearls with pink blush and dusted gold embellishments. The interior of the bowl is further decorated with raised gold flowers on trailing stems. Continue reading Flora’s Feast by Charles Noke

Blue Children by Royal Doulton

Sheltering from the Snow Charger Diameter: 13.5 in
Sheltering from the Snow Charger Diameter: 13.5 in

More than a century ago, the first Royal Doulton collectors were captivated by the beautiful flow blue designs which are now known as Blue Children or Babes in the Wood. The name is a misnomer as many of the scenes do not include children. Several feature elegant young ladies in turn of the century dress. Successive generations of collectors have been attracted to the striking combination of midnight blue on a white bone china ground making Blue Children one of the most successful collections from Doulton’s Burslem studio. Continue reading Blue Children by Royal Doulton