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Royal Doulton Artist: Charles J. Noke

Royal Doulton Artist Charles Noke c1900

Charles Noke c. 1900

Charles Noke was born in Worcester in 1858, close to the famous china factory. His father was a connoisseur, collector and dealer in antiques with one of the largest collections of old china in the country. As a boy, young Charles was fascinated with porcelain figurines and in his school holidays roamed the Worcester studios watching the artists at work. With the encouragement of their most gifted modeler, James Hadley, he took home some clay and began modeling small elephants and a Jester figure, subjects that continued to inspire him throughout his career. At the age of 15, Noke started work as an apprentice modeler at the Worcester factory and also began studying at the local School of Design.

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Royal Doulton Artist: Leslie Harradine


Harradine studied at Camberwell School of Art in London under the sculptor Albert Toft, who modeled Charlie’s Aunt. He started his apprenticeship at the Lambeth Pottery in 1902 working under George Tinworth, Mark Marshall and John Broad. He loved Tinworth’s Merry Musicians and Broad’s Boer War soldier which inspired him to model his own series of salt-glazed stoneware soldiers. For the centenary of Dickens’ birth in 1912, he modeled a collection of popular characters from the novels which were slip-cast in white and brown stoneware. As well as figurines, he also modeled a portrait jug of Pecksniff which foreshadowed Noke’s character jug collection. Most of Harradine’s designs for the Lambeth pottery were allocated ‘H’ pattern numbers, which are incised on the base.

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