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Royal Doulton Baron de Beef Mustard Pot

Royal Doulton Baron de Beef Mustard Pot
This very rare Baron de Beef mustard pot was made at Royal Doulton’s Lambeth Pottery for Colman’s of Norwich. The Baron de Beef was one of the chief officers of the Mustard Club, an advertising campaign created for Colman’s by Benson’s advertising agency of London. The enormously successful campaign ran from 1926 to 1933 and really caught the public’s imagination. Colman’s was one of the first brands to create an integrated advertising campaign using teaser ‘guerrilla marketing’ techniques. At first posters appeared on London buses with mysterious messages asking “Has father joined the Mustard Club?” On October 29th, 1926, the Daily Mail newspaper published full details of membership, rules and officers of the Mustard Club. Continue reading Royal Doulton Baron de Beef Mustard Pot

Louise Likes – Morning and Night Carrara Ware Vases

Morning and Night Carrara Ware vases
Morning and Night Carrara Ware vases

This exceptional pair of Carrara Ware vases entitled Morning and Night made at Doulton’s Lambeth Studio in the 1890s. The off-white stoneware body has a crystalline matt glaze giving it the appearance of Italian Carrara marble and it proved to be an excellent ‘canvas’ for the talents of the Lambeth artists. It is unusual that there are four monograms on these vases, including William Rowe and Walter Gandy, designers who rarely marked pieces of art pottery. Continue reading Louise Likes – Morning and Night Carrara Ware Vases

LOUISE LIKES – Lambeth Cherub vase & Burslem Orchid vase

Each month, Louise Irvine, the leading Royal Doulton expert, will write about some of her favorite pieces.

I am always intrigued by Lambeth Studio pieces with multiple artists’ marks. This gorgeous Carrara Ware vase must be something of a record as it brings together the talents of Arthur Pearce, Edith Lupton, Ada Dennis, Josephine Durtnall and their assistants. I am a huge fan of Ada Dennis’ child studies and, as well as her Doulton work, I have been researching her illustrations for greetings cards and children’s books. This gorgeous vase depicts Ada’s design of cherubs playing in foliage – they appear to be making a necklace from the seeds of a pomegranate, which symbolizes fertility, abundance and generosity. This is one of my favorite pieces of Doulton Lambeth ware.

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What a Hoot!

The ‘wise old owl’ has been depicted in art since prehistoric times and gained its reputation for being wise from Greek mythology. Associated with Athene, the goddess of wisdom, the owl would often be portrayed with a stack of books beside her. Because of the owl’s nocturnal behavior and ability to see in the dark, the owl has also been linked with mischief and even witchcraft. In the Doulton figure and jug collections, wizards are often accompanied by owls symbolizing both wisdom and sorcery.

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It’s in the Book!

Doulton Lambeth Wares
Doulton Lambeth Wares
Iconic pieces from Doulton’s Lambeth Pottery have recently been acquired by Pascoe and Company. Many have been hidden away for years in private hands, including the famous Harriman-Judd and Dombeck collections. Some were formerly in Doulton’s own archive collection which went on the market in the late 1990s.

These were the same pieces photographed for the Doulton Lambeth Wares book by Louise Irvine in 1995. Some were also illustrated in Richard Dennis’ first exhibition catalogs in the early 1970s
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Reg Johnson Studio Potter

First Sermon Figurine by Reg Johnson

Reginald Johnson was a Design Director for the Royal Doulton group, working mainly for the Paragon and Royal Albert brands. His Royal Albert bird plates from the 1980s are much appreciated by collectors and his commemorative designs for Paragon have celebrated many royal occasions over the years. For the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in 1977, he modeled an impressive limited edition loving cup for Royal Doulton, a revival of Charles Noke’s commemorative designs from the 1930s. Johnson was the perfect choice for this commission, having studied under Noke when he first joined Doulton at the age of 14 in 1923. One of his first
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