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News & Events - Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses
By Harold Scott 8/21/2017 4:45 PM

Royal Doulton artists at the Burslem studio were famed for their flower painting, especially roses which adorned vases and cabinet plates in the early 1900s. By the 1930s, many of the flower painters had been transferred to Doulton’s figure-painting department and used their skills to paint roses and other blooms on to the gowns of the pretty ladies. A rose painted on a china vase or accessorizing a figurine is a lasting love token for collectors.

 Garden cultivation of roses started some 5,000 years ago and during their long history they have symbolized love, beauty, war and politics. They have been used as confetti, for medicinal purposes, as a source of perfume and even as legal tender. The rose is the national flower of England and has been used as an emblem since Tudor times. In 1986 the rose was also named the floral emblem of the United States and they are the favorite flower for special occasions.

 Posies of hand-made china roses became fashionable in the 1930s and miniature roses were also created petal by petal to decorate figurines. Choose from our wide selection of Royal Doulton, Lladró and Charles Vyse figurines featuring roses.