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Royal Doulton Figurine - Columbine HN 1297

This month we acquired an amazing collection of Royal Doulton figurines including some of Leslie Harradine’s earliest designs for the HN collection. Marie HN401 is described as ‘extremely rare’ in the Charlton Catalogue and no photo was available for the last edition. This highly stylized model with striking Art Deco patterns on her gown is very different in style to Harradine’s later flounced crinoline designs. They take their inspiration from the book illustrations of Kay Nielsen, notably his work for In Powder and Crinoline published in 1912. Continue reading RARE ROYAL DOULTON DISCOVERIES

A Dickens Dream Discovery

A fascinating letter about Charles Dickens by Charles Noke has just come to light. Noke writes, “I have had a very special interest in Dickens since I was a boy and at one time had nearly all the original editions of the books. You will understand therefore that it was a specially interesting job to model the Dickens Jug. I was so entirely familiar with his characters.’ Continue reading A Dickens Dream Discovery

June Brides

Catherine Royal Wedding Day
Catherine Royal Wedding Day

According to the fashionistas, many of this year’s June brides will be wearing gowns inspired by the Downton Abbey weddings in the hugely popular TV series. Lady Mary wore an elegant 1920s gown accessorized with a diamond tiara and a sheaf of calla lilies. Lady Edith looked equally stunning in a Grecian style satin gown. I was struck by how much the Downton Abbey brides resembled the Royal Doulton figurines which were modeled by Leslie Harradine in the early 1930s. Lady Edith looks like The Bride HN1588 and Lady Mary has the statuesque style of Wedding Morn HN1866.

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LOUISE LIKES – Lambeth Cherub vase & Burslem Orchid vase

Each month, Louise Irvine, the leading Royal Doulton expert, will write about some of her favorite pieces.

I am always intrigued by Lambeth Studio pieces with multiple artists’ marks. This gorgeous Carrara Ware vase must be something of a record as it brings together the talents of Arthur Pearce, Edith Lupton, Ada Dennis, Josephine Durtnall and their assistants. I am a huge fan of Ada Dennis’ child studies and, as well as her Doulton work, I have been researching her illustrations for greetings cards and children’s books. This gorgeous vase depicts Ada’s design of cherubs playing in foliage – they appear to be making a necklace from the seeds of a pomegranate, which symbolizes fertility, abundance and generosity. This is one of my favorite pieces of Doulton Lambeth ware.

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Mother Bunnykins DB6004
Mother Bunnykins DB6004
Many great collections start from a carefully chosen gift and beautiful porcelain is always much appreciated. Maybe your Mom already collects Royal Doulton figurines and would welcome a new piece or perhaps she would enjoy a pretty Boehm porcelain flower. Have a look at some of our great Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Royal Doulton figurines are always cherished gifts. This Mother’s Day why not choose a lovely figurine for Mom? Studies of mothers and their children have been favorite subjects with Royal Doulton artists since the beginning of the HN collection and the tradition continues to the present day.  Namesake figurines also make great gifts for the women in your life.  Check out our website for all the names currently in stock. Continue reading MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS


Moorcroft Deco Drive Vase
Moorcroft Deco Drive Vase
The iconic New York skyline with its Art Deco skyscrapers towering over the Statue of Liberty is the inspiration for a new Moorcroft vase by Vicky Lovatt.  Cityscapes are a comparatively new theme for Moorcroft artists and have been very well received by collectors.  The prestige Park vase resonated particularly with Americans who enjoy dog walking in city parks during the Fall. Maybe Paul Hilditch’s stunning vase is his vision of Central Park in New York? The London vase, also by Paul, is the latest cityscape to join the collection. As can be seen on this magnificent vase, London’s skyline has changed dramatically in recent years with the innovative ‘Gherkin’ building alongside the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.  One of Moorcroft’s first architectural designs was Philip Gibson’s Deco Drive, a Pascoe & Company commission which was inspired by Philip’s visit to South Beach in Miami after the 2005 Florida show.  Come and see all the stunning Moorcroft architectural designs at the Pascoe Ceramic Arts Fair in New York this month.  Continue reading MOORCROFT IN MANHATTAN


Andrew Hull Jester Bird
Andrew Hull Jester Bird
Fans of Andrew Hull’s fabulous works will be pleased to hear that his biography has just been published.  Kathy Niblett, who curated the world-class collection of modern ceramics at The Potteries Museum, has produced a beautiful illustrated book about Andrew’s artistic career. The story begins in 1986 when he discovered the comical birds created by the Victorian Martin Brothers.  His first job in the ceramic industry was designing fantasy sculptures for the Enchantica collection followed by a period at Cobridge Stoneware, where he first experimented with Martin style grotesques. He now has his own business designing brilliant birds, vases and tiles for the Andrew Hull Pottery.