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News & Events - Ardmore Exhibition @ NY Ceramic & Glass Fair

Ardmore Exhibition @ NY Ceramic & Glass Fair
By Harold Scott 11/27/2017 12:57 PM

Pascoe Gallery sets up shop in the Big Apple for a special Ardmore Ceramic exhibition in conjunction with the New York Ceramics & Glass Fair. This event is one of the most attended events of New York Antiques week, bringing together over 30 carefully selected galleries from around the world for a special three day exhibition in the heart of the Upper East Side. 

This will be one of the first exhibitions of the upcoming new year for us to showcase our latest collection of hand made South African Ardmore Ceramic art. Our beloved Ardmore collectors are in love with this latest collection of hand-made ceramics, decorated with vivid color palettes, new detailing techniques and even more elaborate animals inspired by the KwaZulu region. This is surely an event worth attending if you're in the New York area. 

For more information on attending email:

Date & Time:


Wednesday, January 17th


January 18-21 
Thu-Sat 11am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm


Bohemian Hall

321 E 73rd St,

New York, NY 10021

Booth # 24