Marqueterie Teapot

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Introduced: 1887
Pattern Number:
Dimensions: H. 7.5"
Brand: Royal Doulton

Product Description

Measures 7.5 inches in height. Issued in 1887.

Amongst the rarest of all Lambeth art wares, Marqueterie was patented by Henry Doulton and Wilton Rix in 1887. The beautiful marbled effects were obtaining by cutting and compressing thin slices of colored clay from previously prepared blocks. The marvelously patterned clay was then modeled into unusual shapes, often accessorized with fabulous creatures, such as this stunning vase with winged monster handles. This exquisite marbled design is additionally embellished with slip trailed enamel patterns.

Additional information

  • Offer Product: No
  • Introduced: 1887
  • Dimensions: H. 7.5"
  • Brand: Royal Doulton



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