Marqueterie Cornucopia Vase

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Introduced: c.1890
Pattern Number:
Dimensions: H. 6.5"
Brand: Royal Doulton

Product Description

Marqueterie Ware was patented by Henry Doulton and Lambeth Art Director Wilton P. Rix in 1887 and took its name from inlaid work in furniture. Different patterns could be produced by kneading various colored clays to create a marbled effect similar to the old Staffordshire agate wares. The thin leaves of patterned clay were used to make some very complex designs and the fragility of the body means that very few pieces have survived today.

Additional information

  • Offer Product: No
  • Introduced: c.1890
  • Dimensions: H. 6.5"
  • Brand: Royal Doulton
  • Product Style: Royal Doulton Lambeth Pottery
  • Restoration: Yes



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