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PASCOE CERAMICS Exhibition at the NATIONAL ANTIQUES FAIRE 24-27 July, 2014

    South African collectors are invited to join Ed Pascoe and Louise Irvine at the next Pascoe Ceramics event during the National Antiques Fair in Johannesburg from July 25th to 27th, 2014. The NAADA exhibition will feature the best of Burslem art pottery, rare figurines and the latest Moorcroft designs. A special program for […]

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From Royal Doulton figurines to Ardmore Ceramic Art from South Africa, you will find collectibles in many shapes, sizes, and age. As they grace your home with beauty and sophistication, they also increase in value with the passage of time just sitting in your display case. At Pascoe and Company, we specialize in providing the best collectibles in the world to our customers. You can find both retired and rare pieces as well as the newest pieces introduced from the manufacturers each year.

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This month we acquired an amazing collection of Royal Doulton figurines including some of Leslie Harradine’s earliest designs for the HN collection. Marie HN401 is described as ‘extremely rare’ in [Read More..]

A Dickens Dream Discovery

A fascinating letter about Charles Dickens by Charles Noke has just come to light. Noke writes, “I have had a very special interest in Dickens since I was a boy [Read More..]